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Discover the Hidden Paradise… Lombok!

Everyone knows about Bali… the “Island of the Gods”, renowned throughout the world as a tropical paradise. Few people, however, know Lombok, which lies just 25 minutes across the sea to the east.

At around 5,300 sq km, Lombok is only slightly smaller than Bali and has a wide range of attractions and activities for everyone. Here the pace is unhurried and the atmosphere laid-back. The beaches are un-crowded and tourism areas are not marred by high-density development.

Opportunities abound for ecotourism, such as hiking in the jungles and forests, or climbing Lombok’s famous volcano, Mt Rinjani. Enjoy swimming, snorkelling and surfing at the beautiful clean beaches; dive the reefs around the many small islands and fish in the clear waters that surround the island.

The west of the island is lush and green, with a series of beautiful bays lining the coast all the way from Senggigi to Bangsal. The coast faces Bali across the Lombok Strait, and boasts wonderful sunsets with the sacred volcano, Gunung Agung on Bali, silhouetted against the evening skies.

Further inland, the island retains its natural beauty and the unique flora and fauna of the region is protected. Jungle and forest areas are easily accessible for trekking and exploring; and the waterfalls, rivers, hills and mountains provide myriad opportunities for eco-tourism.

Dominating the north of the island is a mountain range of thirteen peaks, crowned by the magnificent volcano, Gunung Rinjani. The area around the volcano is a designated national park and offers great opportunities for trekking and exploring the small mountain villages. Mt Rinjani is an internationally recognised world-class tourism destination, and attracts hundreds of trekkers and serious climbers from around the world to Lombok every year.

The Gili Islands, just off the northwest coast, are an international holiday destination for thousands of visitors every year and offer superb beaches and diving locations. On the south coast, stunning bays and beaches, with world-class surfing spots, attract surfers and sun-seekers from around the world.

The island boasts two international-standard golf courses, one in the centre of the island with mountain views and the other in the north of the island, set on the edge of a picturesque bay.

For the culturally-inclined, Lombok has a rich and diverse culture, which blends the traditions of the indigenous Sasak people with Balinese Hindu and Arabic influences, to name a few. Village life is simple and based on the mainstays of farming and traditional handicraft production. The Sasak people are friendly and relatively untouched by tourism, with a warm tradition of hospitality to visitors that makes exploring the different parts of the island a rewarding adventure.

Come and discover the magic of Lombok for yourself… like thousands of others, you’ll be enchanted!


Lombok is easily reached from Bali, with low priced flights available from local travel agents and Bali’s domestic airport. Flight time is only 25 minutes. Lion Air has several flights per day between Bali and Lombok. Garuda Airlines also has also direct flights between Bali, Lombok and Jakarta every day, making international connections easy.

The public ferry cruises between Padangbai Harbour on Bali’s east coast and Lembar Harbour on Lombok’s southwest every day, with departures every hour, 24 hours per day. Numerous fast boat options, including Blue Water Express, Gili Cat, Gili-Gili, Mahi-Mahi, Superscoot and Eka Jaya offer fast and easy transfers between Bali and Lombok.

International flights are available between Lombok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Fast and convenient international visa processing is available at Lombok International Airport, with Visa on Arrival for 30 days.

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